Saturday, March 25, 2017


I started my uni life since 4 weeks aka a month ago. I still feel everything is so unreal because I never really take a long break after finishing my diploma. After the final semester exam ended, I only take few weeks off to go and have a bonding session with my friends and families. After that, I started the summer school which is only taking the MPU subjects for 2 months. During the 2 months, friends in college keep on pressuring me with the stories of previous seniors who studied in UOW. KILL ME PLEASE. I do think of getting a long break and looking for a proper job to earn some pocket money but no one wants to hire me. OK, maybe I wasn't that sincere on sending resume I guess? So my mum asked me to go study rather than wasting time at home like a useless wood.

Back to the uni life. The rules and regulations on every subject are slightly same but it is quite confusing at the same time. Basic rules are same of course, but some important details are the one to decide you whether you should fail your paper or pass your paper. When I was in diploma, everything is not that serious and you can just attend the class for attendance and ciao.

IT IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY FOR NOW!! It is not that easy peasy lemon squeezy anymore. Once you skip one class, you will never get back to the track. I AM SERIOUS. Even I never skip for the class, I still cannot follow the syllabus. Every week have to submit a few pages tutorial for all the subject you take, citation all that shit must be included otherwise you will get 0. Lecturer mentioned we need to do citation for every piece of work, some of the work must follow the citation requirement like you must cite 4 journals, 2 textbooks or what so ever. You will have to bring the subject outline with you all the time. It stated all the work you need to do and the syllabus you will need to cover for every week. Attendance must be 80% present for both tutorial and lecture. It is Australian study program which means we as a student will need to use Aus textbooks, reference books, and everything from AUS.

I am a very lazy person tbh. Doing work every day is not my style, some more lecturers posted all the work in soft copy. I wonder why they like to post the videos on moodles and ask us to watch it. It is freaking 2 hrs video. It is not a video anymore, it should be a movie. I feel like dying every time they ask us to do the video watching..............

I don't know how to stay alive ah.... let's see the result for the first semester.....

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